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about 3 years ago

Building for STX Miners

Hey Stacks Hacker,

  Thinking about submitting in the Mining category? Here are some useful notes to help you get started:  
  • Unlike mining on other blockchains, STX mining does not require any special hardware
  • STX Miners only need to commit Bitcoin in order to get started
  • There is a unique arbitrage opportunity available to STX miners, meaning that they can gain higher returns by simultaneously holding Bitcoin and earning STX
  The best submissions in the Mining category will be products and tools that abstract away much of the technical complexity of miner onboarding (such as setting up a miner node or engaging with code in general).    Here are some community-sourced ideas for what to build:
  • A mining bot that automates much of the miner onboarding process
  • Arbitrage bot
  • Dynamic and interactive diagram that illustrates the PoX process
  • User friendly web app that simplifies the miner onboarding process
  To give a deeper dive on mining, we’ll be hosting a technical workshop once the hackathon officially begins. Sign up here if you’d like to attend.   Best, #HackStacks Team



If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum or reach out on discord if you have any questions: