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about 3 years ago

Building for Stackers

Hey Stacks Hacker,   Thinking about submitting in the Stacking category instead? Read the following to help you get started:  
  • Stackers must lock up at least 100,000 STX tokens in order to earn Bitcoin rewards
  • Stackers can combine their STX holdings with other Stackers in order to qualify for earning Bitcoin rewards
  • Bitcoin rewards from stacking can vary based on total STX holdings - Stackers can calculate their potential earnings here
  Like Mining, the best submissions in the Stacking category will be products and tools that make it easy for everyone to start stacking. The user experience of winning submissions should be so seamless that users might question whether crypto is even involved. Here are some community-sourced ideas for what to build:  
  • Stacking wallet
  • Directory where STX hodlers can self identify and interact with developers
  • Stacking “social network” where users can log in with Proof of Stacking and meet other STX hodlers
  • Kickstarter for Stacking products (Stackers request products from the dev community)
  To give a deeper dive on stacking, we’ll be hosting a technical workshop once the hackathon officially begins. Sign up here if you’d like to attend.   Best, #HackStacks Team




If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum or reach out on discord if you have any questions: